Tyrone releases the video to “The bug” featuring Delvon Lamarr of Lucky Brown / Vaughn

Tyrone releases the video to “The bug” featuring Delvon Lamarr of Lucky Brown / Vaughn

Artist: Tyrone

Video: “The Bug” video release

Tyrone releases “The bug”; video the prequel to the short-film video; “La Cucaracha”.

The song features Delvon Lamarr of Lucky Brown / Vaughn Kreestoe and was released

on Tyrone’s “Heavy Labor, no breaks” album.

The short film video’s theme and storyline is the prequel to the chase scenes of “La Cucaracha”. Agents Rodriguez and O’Malley receive their orders from Sergeant Demmings, review footage and prepare to pursue the suspect; Tyrone. The character (Sergeant Demmings) is played by up and coming actress Earlene Gross-Blake who has enjoyed the spotlight recently from her roles in a few nationally released television commercials focusing on breast cancer awareness.

The video and storyline was written and filmed by Tyrone and the Unified Outreach Youth Arts Program.

Tyrone’s videos add one more sprinkle of flavor to “the working class hero’s” music releases.

Being able to write, record, mix, film, and direct his own music and film, gives Tyrone the creative control to release exactly what he’s trying to “say” and “portray” in his releases.

The song “The Bug” is a verbal warning to the “hood” regarding changes in the law and government’ and how they affect the streets. Wrapped in a hypnotic-funk driven bass line, it has proven to be one of the favorites on the “Heavy labor, no breaks” album.

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