Macklemore’s ‘Thrift Shop’ goes platinum

Seattle rapper Macklemore may not be shopping at Goodwill anymore — at least not out of necessity. As of Thursday, he and his musical partner Ryan Lewis had sold one million copies of their single, “Thrift Shop,” which humorously praises the delights of finding great clothes on the cheap.

“Thrift Shop” was released in August, 2012 and has been on the Billboard singles charts 12 weeks, where it recently locked in the No. 10 spot. All of this is even more remarkable for the fact that Macklemore has no record contract, a trend increasingly common in the music industry.

Macklemore has had a strong Northwest following for some time, particularly since “My, Oh My,” a tribute to the late announcer for the Seattle Mariners, Dave Niehaus. But it was last year’s heartfelt support anthem for same sex marriage, “Same Love,” that catapulted MackLemore to national fame.

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