Gabriel Vazquez “DJBeats”

I was able to interview one of my fellow friend that has took interset in becoming a DJ. He is very talented and does a great job at what he does. He became a DJ the summer of 2011, his older sister’s boyfriend is a DJ as well and he taught Gabriel (also known as DJBeats) everything there is to know about being a DJ. He mostly pefroms at clubs, and the fan’s seems to love is music, they are always dancing and no one has ever complained. He stated, “It feels good making the crowd pumped.” Five years from now he does see himself still being a DJ, he has no plan on giving his dream up anytime soon. He would love to pefrom for anyone that is throwing a party that is in need of a DJ. All you have to do is send him a email at and let him know the information. He also has a fan page that anyone and everyone can like .

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