Teens with talent: Whatcom students passionate about the arts

Art changes lives. And when the lives are young — the actors, the painters, the filmmakers, the musicians, the dancers — they often find their passion early and follow their hearts, possibly keeping the flame that kindles their creativity and enriches those around them.

We found five Whatcom County artists still in their teens who speak enthusiastically about their crafts and about their hopes for the future. The students were all recommended by their teachers and mentors.

“What I like to do is communicate emotions that cannot be heard with words,” says Lynden High School student Ivie Erickson, who loves to draw.

“When I perform, I feel like I am show- ing myself to the world,” says dancer Carrie Friedman, a student at Bellingham High School.

“I take an idea and I portray it onto a moving canvas,” says Blaine High School student Gage Allen, a filmmaker.

“People always tell me that music comes naturally to me,” says musician Adam Billings, who attends Fairhaven Middle School.

“I want to strive to make that (acting) an opportunity for kids in the future who might have the same dreams as me, or any other artistic dreams,” says Bellingham High School student and actor Kaleb Van Rijswijck.


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