Seattle library sets world record

The Seattle Public Library staff set a world record last week for the longest book domino chain – toppling 2,131 books that are part of an upcoming book sale.

The record-setting domino chain, confirmed by, took seven hours of setup and five tries. It was the last attempt about 11 p.m. Friday that hit the mark.


The attempt was setup by 27 volunteers on the third floor of the Seattle Central Library with one portion of the books spelling “read.” At one point, a book had to fall from a shelf to the floor to continue the domino chain.

Had the fifth attempt had not been successful, there wouldn’t have been time to try again.

“We had to be packed up and out of the building by midnight,” Amy Twito, the Library’s youth program manager, said in a statement. “Everyone was so happy that we were able to break the record.”

Seattle Public Library’s domino chain was done as a kickoff to the 2013 Summer Reading Program, and the books used will be available at the Friends of the Seattle Public Library book sale June 22 and 23 at North Seattle Community College.


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