The Harlem Shake is becoming more and more popular as time goes by. I’ve notice a-lot of students and large groups making their own Harlem Shake videos. I, myself have been apart of some as well. I honestly don’t understand the point of this dance but it is very fun to be in one of the videos. It seems to me that its getting so popular that even churches and parties are beginning to make the videos. So if your bored, and with some friends, find a camera, download the song, get some CRAZY outfits and make a video!

Lady Gaga at Tacoma Dome

26- year old, Lady Gaga performed a great show last night at the Tacoma Dome. All of her fans were there supporting her and her music. Lady Gaga put on a fantastic performance that many will remember. Using her unique costume’s, she encouraged fans to be themselves, and not be afraid of what other people think. Last nights showing was a time where people became who they truly were, the dressed how they wanted without being judged. Overall, this performance Lady Gaga delivered will always be remembered and is one of the top concerts of the year.