I’m sure everyone has heard of folklife, it is a festival that happens downtown. So many people go and it’s always a great time. This festival is so well known that this year (2013) there was about 220,000-230,000 people that showed up. It was a 4 day festival; full of music, food, and amazing people. Even though it wasn’t very nice or sunny outside there was still a great turn out. A little rain can’t stop people from having a wonderful time with their friends and family. Folklife started 42 years ago; it was mostly acoustic fiddle and banjo affair. I honestly love how this festival is continuing throughout the years, and more is being added to it. If you haven’t attended folklife yet; try it out next year! You will love it.


The Harlem Shake is becoming more and more popular as time goes by. I’ve notice a-lot of students and large groups making their own Harlem Shake videos. I, myself have been apart of some as well. I honestly don’t understand the point of this dance but it is very fun to be in one of the videos. It seems to me that its getting so popular that even churches and parties are beginning to make the videos. So if your bored, and with some friends, find a camera, download the song, get some CRAZY outfits and make a video!