Aubri on the runway

By Shaunna F.

It’s a flashback to one of Seattle’s hottest teen fashion night; the MAC Fashion House Youth Expose.

It’s been almost two years since it happened, but the MAC Fashion House Youth Expose’ didn’t get the attention it should have from local media outlets, so we’re taking another look at the 2010 Unified Outreach Showcase Event featuring the launch of the Precious Casting program.  This FREE resource for aspiring and established talent in the Acting, Modeling, Music, Fashion, and Performance industries provided a industry recognized database to post and store resumes, head-shots, portfolio, video clips, voice-over clips, and other items that expressed the artist’s body of work.

The Unified Outreach (Precious Casting program) partnered with MAC Fashion House to provide runway training to 20 aspiring youth/teen artists (ages 9-22) to plan, prepare, and deliver the 2010 MAC Fashion House Youth Expose – Fashion Show.

This gala event featured a raised runway, a live musical performance by Tyrone (Dumas), a full catered dinner spread by Munchies Catering, and nearly 60 custom designed outfits by MAC Fashion House.

Youth participated in the roles of Models, Runway Directors, Sound & Lighting, Facilities Maintenance, and more, and was attended by a who’s-who of local celebrities including Nes Rodrigues, The Mixalot Posse, and (KUBE 93) DJ B-Mello.

Video clips of the event can be found on YouTube for those of you who would like to see tomorrow’s fashion model’s getting their start.

Here’s a list of the youth who participant in making the event a success, along with their roles in the production.

Runway Models: Brittany B. (18), Tierra C. (22), Isis G. (10), David H. (18), Bonet’ H. (9), Tanner J. (9), Kre’Shawna J. (15), Kyndahl J. (14), Jada M. (13), Serenity M. (15), Kendra O. (11), Aubri R. (14), Carlos S. (18), Isabella S. (14), Corrine J. (14), Kiel W. (9), Arielle W. (18), Javon W. (12), Justin W. (14)

Video Host and Assistant Runway Coordinator:  Darrian T. (14)

Assistant Facilities Personnel:  Deshaun D. (16)
Sound & Lighting/Asst. Operations Supervisor:  Devin P. (16)

Video Editing:  Mike Blure (16) and Aaron Taco (16)

The event took place at the new West Seattle Christian Church Performance Hall; a new state-of-the-art facility located within walking distance of the West Seattle Junction.

Carlisia Minnis – The woman behind MAC Fashion House

MAC Fashion House is Seattle’s premiere couture fashion house. The company’s award winning founder — Carlisia Minnis — designs and makes all of MAC’s outfits. MAC fashions have appeared in magazines, fashion shows, videos, and after-parties for entertainers like Erykah Badu and Maxwell.With a new studio showroom in the White Center district of Seattle, Mac Fashion House is THE spot to get up to the minute fashion that is custom made to fit you!

In 2010 Carlisia’s designs helped propel the Garfield High School Dance team to victory in the all-city “Bubblin’ Brown Sugar” dance competition.

“My style is a little fearlessness with a little elegance,” Carlisia said. “After 10 years strong, I’m still producing garments with lots of colors, prints, and textures. This gives women the feeling of being sexy, sensual, and sassy, while my guys are walking around proud, handsome, and feeling GQ.

Carlisia “MAC” Minnis is a Seattle native that has been creating unique fashions for over 15 years.  She began the journey by altering the fit of her own clothes, but soon after became inspired to create her own fashions.

Making funky outfits became a way for Carlisia to express her eclectic personality. Her personal style attracted family and friends that also wanted uniqueness, thus creating a hobby that would soon become a career.

After working in corporate America and finding it unfulfilling, Carlisia enrolled in the esteemed Apparel Design program at Seattle Central Community College.  Through this intensive two-year program she gained the invaluable skills of pattern making, production sewing, and design presentation. Upon graduation Carlisia made her dream job a reality by starting her own freelance design company, MAC Productions LLC / Mac Fashion House.

Carlisia’s designs have appeared in many fashion shows and events throughout the Northwest including participation in Vancouver Fashion Week and Seattle Fashion Weeks. Carlisia has also had the great opportunity to exhibit her designs on a world stage as an American designer at an International Women’s Conference in Zimbabwe, Africa.  Carlisia has showcased her own designs, by planning, producing and executing her own fashion shows in Seattle.  Her designs have also been carried in local boutiques in Seattle, such as Reputations and Raw Threads.

Carlisia has also captured the hearts of Seattleites by lending her talents to non-profit groups such as The Ruby Room, F-Factor and the Unified Outreach/Precious Casting fashion program; which includes mentoring and apprenticeships of young aspiring designers.

Recently Carlisia has opened a new clothing boutique Mac Fashion House in the Green Bridge area of West Seattle/White Center.  Here she has been able to develop a better connection with her clients. As well as creating a more permanent place to show case her designs.

As for the future? Carlisia continues to make custom outfits for all occasions; additionally MAC Fashion House is releasing two new lines this summer.  Her highly anticipated Men’s line as well as something for the ladies based on her wildly popular lingerie designs.

“The great thing about the Fashion is that there are no limitation,” Carlisia says before quoting Yobi Yamada, “Intense desire not only creates its own possibilities, but talents.  Don’t be afraid to do something just because it’s impossible. “

To inquire about her designs or for more information, please contact MAC Fashion House at or call (206) 322-2147 to schedule an appointment.