This generation

As i get to know more people around Seattle i start to realize how much people are alike. Just in the little group I’m always around all they talk about is music and raps. I feel like this generation is mostly set on rap career’s and becoming a rap star, than becoming a doctor or a fire fighter. I’m not saying that’s a wrong thing, you can become whatever you dream. I’m just noticing the more and more i find different friends and are around different people the more i realize how many teenagers are wanting to become rappers. I honestly enjoy listening to the music my friends make, i have some of their songs on my phone and computer, i am always willing to help support their dreams and help get their name out their so other people can enjoy some music to. So if you have a friend or friends that are getting into making their own beats, or raps, help them out. Share their songs on one of your pages, help them get known.

Winter Break Cartooning Day Camp Hours Announced!

This year Unified Outreach launched its first summer day camp series with a focus on Animating Cartoons using the Adobe Flash animation program.  During the Seattle Public Schools 2012 Winter Break, Unified Outreach will again offer week-long day camp hours for parents who are interested in seeing their child attain a stronger grasp of todays Cartoon Animation technology.

An average afternoon of Winter Break Day-Camp will again include educational exercises embedded in fun games designed to encourage personal growth, positive self esteem and team building skills. Each day also includes physical activities and outdoor lunch time (as weather allows).  But the highlight of each day will be working on the creation of a personal cartoon-animation using the kids ideas, stories, drawings and voices.

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Most students come in with no previous traditional or contemporary cartooning experience.  Each student is coached by multiple instructors who work with the kids each step of the way; from story development, to character design, digital imaging, cartoon animation, and voice-overs using industry-level production software including Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Soundbooth, and other software programs that were donated by Adobe Systems, Inc and King County 4Culture.

Doors open each day at 8:30am and close at 5:30pm – Parents have the flexability of dropping off and picking up their child at anytime during operational hours.  Class will also be offered on both Christmas Day and on New Years Day.

Each week is a stand-alone unit.  Students attending 2 weeks will have the opportunity to build on the skills they learned during the first week of class.

Unified Outreach is a 501C3 Youth Arts Charity which has been Active in Seattle for over 10 years.  Visit for more details.