Tyrone releases the video to “The bug” featuring Delvon Lamarr of Lucky Brown / Vaughn

Tyrone releases the video to “The bug” featuring Delvon Lamarr of Lucky Brown / Vaughn

Artist: Tyrone

Video: “The Bug” video release

Tyrone releases “The bug”; video the prequel to the short-film video; “La Cucaracha”.

The song features Delvon Lamarr of Lucky Brown / Vaughn Kreestoe and was released

on Tyrone’s “Heavy Labor, no breaks” album.

The short film video’s theme and storyline is the prequel to the chase scenes of “La Cucaracha”. Agents Rodriguez and O’Malley receive their orders from Sergeant Demmings, review footage and prepare to pursue the suspect; Tyrone. The character (Sergeant Demmings) is played by up and coming actress Earlene Gross-Blake who has enjoyed the spotlight recently from her roles in a few nationally released television commercials focusing on breast cancer awareness.

The video and storyline was written and filmed by Tyrone and the Unified Outreach Youth Arts Program.

Tyrone’s videos add one more sprinkle of flavor to “the working class hero’s” music releases.

Being able to write, record, mix, film, and direct his own music and film, gives Tyrone the creative control to release exactly what he’s trying to “say” and “portray” in his releases.

The song “The Bug” is a verbal warning to the “hood” regarding changes in the law and government’ and how they affect the streets. Wrapped in a hypnotic-funk driven bass line, it has proven to be one of the favorites on the “Heavy labor, no breaks” album.

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Delvon Lamarr – Classic Funk and R&B Makes Its Triumphant Return

Trying to describe the passion of Delvon “Lamarr” Dumas using words alone is next to impossible.  No words could give this self taught artist any justice.  If you want to know or understand Delvon you need to watch him play; as some things just can’t be put into words.

He was born August 28th 1978 in Seattle, Washington, and by the age of 4 his mothers & grandmother were so conscious of his musical talent that they bought him a drum set.  Of course the set was quickly moved to the garage, as even the most talented 4-year olds drumming can be a little much after a while (Smile).  With the support of his mother he began lessons with Brad Smith.  Brad was so impressed with Delvon’s abilities after his first & only lesson he gave Delvon a trumpet.

Even though Delvon has never had any real training, he found a way to learn on his own.  Delvon plays by ear and can recreate just about anything that is thrown at him with near perfection. Remember that seen in “Good Will Hunting” where Will rattles off all sorts of information he’s picked up with his photographic memory?  Yeah, that’s Delvon, except with Music. 

Delvon’s mind is consumed of music almost 24/7.  So much so that the world around him can’t help but reflect his musical aura.  Just hanging out with him and you feel like you are a part of the music he creates.  It’s a fascinating process to watch him go from a beat in his head to a full composed masterpiece.  His love for music goes way beyond just playing, as daily he is on YouTube looking up artist from the past to current for ideas or inspiration.  His knowledge of past musicians date back as far as the 1900’s to current from the instruments they play to their life story.  

Throughout Delvon’s career he has managed to learn and play multiple instruments including the Drums, Trumpet, Sax, Trombone, and Piano.  One of Delvon’s favorite moments in life was when he landed a gig playing drums with organist Joe Doris.  It was at that point that he became obsessed with playing the Hammond B3.  Delvon began listening to Larry Young and Jimmy Smith records, and as with all previous instruments he quickly began gaining notoriety on the music scene for his unique sound.

Delvon has toured and performed around the world with great artist such as Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, Lee Brothers, Juno What?, Budos Band, Karl Denson, ReBirth Brass Band, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Spearhead, Garage Mahal, and New Master Sounds.  Delvon has also participated in numerous projects such as: ADD Trio, Big Baron, Megatron, Robert Walters, Olympic Sound Collective, South Side Players and is currently playing with Vaughn Kreestoe and Lucky Brown & the Funk Revolution.

Lucky Brown & the Funk Revolution is a 7pc old school funk group which their Lp’s, 45’s and CD’s can be found on the German record label Tramp Records.  Vaughn Kreestoe is a power soul/funk/jazz Trio with the classic organ trio setup (organ, guitar & drums).  In this project, Delvon writes most of the material as well as arranges covers from time to time.  The Vaughn Kreestoe debut album is scheduled for release in October 2011 which will feature horns and Percussion from Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe & the Polyrhythmics.

One of the busiest and hardest working musicians in Seattle, Delvon is happy to keep producing some of Seattle’s most soulful music.  He’s gaining notoriety and he’s gaining it fast.  He wants to travel the world, and I can guarantee he’ll have a chance soon enough, as Delvon will undoubtedly be world-famous within the next 5 years.

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4 Generations of B-Boy’s come out to celebrate 30 years of Hip Hop Culture at the “Seattle City Breaker’s Reunion!”

Seattle’s Pioneer Breaker Dancers “Pablo D” and “Sir Slamalot”

By ZiggyFan2012

One year after Seattle’s historic event we take time to remember how awesome it really was!

Seattle, WA. May 13th, 2011 – It was a historical night in West Seattle as the Unified Outreach non-profit Arts Program hosted the “Seattle City Breakers Reunion” celebrating 30 years of hip hop culture in Seattle.

This event brought together some of Seattle hip hop’s legendary Breakdancers and B-Boy’s/B-Girl’s in a multi generational event that took many through a time-warp and back to the early 80’s when group’s such as the Emerald City, Seattle City Breaker’s, Fresh Force, 1st Degree Breaker’s, and DeRoxy Crew ruled the dance floor.

The event featured guest speaker “Nasty” Nes Rodriguez who was the first radio DJ to host an all rap music show back in 1983.  Having the honor of sharing the DJ booth with Nes were legendary DJ’s  B-Mello (KUBE), Mr. Supreme, SoulOne, SuReal, NaNino, SeaBefore, Khazm, DV-One, and DJ Tecumseh (from Bamboo Beats).

The venue provided by West Seattle Christian Church featured a 600 person event center/performance hall which quickly filled to capacity with four decades of B-Boy’s and B-Girl’s crowding in to see the Seattle’s original break dancers.  Event organizer’s David Toledo and Carlos Barrientes provided a special seating area for a group of 20 special needs youth to attend and to participate in some of the “open floor” breakdancing.

The star of the night (who flew in from Hawaii for the event) was Ziggy “Zig Zag” Puaa; a breakdancer who rose to stardom in Seattle during the 80’s and then disappeared at the height of his career.  Rumor’s had circulated for years about Ziggy’s demise during a surfing accident; only to have Ziggy shock many old friends and fan’s when a video surfaced on YouTube featuring Ziggy breakdancing in Hawaii last year.  Also a surprise to many was the attendance of Danny Molino who has been in a wheelchair since a gun shot wound to the head paralyzed most of his body in the early 1990’s.

Other legends to appear at the event included “Seattle’s first Breakdancer” Jonathan (Junior) Alefaio, as well as Rafael Contreras, Spencer Reed, Danny Molino, Carlos (Sir Slamalot) Barrientes, Li’a Cat (Wacky) Talaga and Dave “Pablo D” Narvaez.

Staying true to the idea of Hip Hop’s “4 Elements” (DJ, MC, Breakdancer, and Graffiti Artist) the house was full of other pioneers as well; including Specs Wizard, Sam Sneke, KeepOne, Tyrone Dumas, FazeOne, Gerald Carpio, Curtis Tauiliili, Mr. Cool Anthony Espinoza, Vince Nguyen, Bublz, Kevin Lundeen, and Kid Silly.

The event culminated in an awards ceremony celebrating the “Heart of Hip Hop” in which 8 “Old School” legends received individually colored award plaque’s celebrating individual achievement.  Receiving awards were Carlos Barrientes (Red/Power), Spencer Reed (Yellow/Joy), Ziggy Puaa (Orange/Passion), Dan Clavesilla (Dark Blue/Knowledge), Sam Sneke (Light Blue/Creativity), Danny Molino (White/Pure Style), Michael Hall (Purple/Magic), and Nes Rodriguez (Pink/Universal Love).

The event welcomed 4 decades of breakdancers to participate in the open floor; from the original’s, to current hotshot’s Massive Monkey’s and the Vicious Puppies, to a group of toddler B-Boy’s/B-Girl’s it was a full-filled family event welcoming all ages.

It was a night to remember and something that will not be duplicated soon in Seattle as many legends and icon’s of the Seattle Hip Hop Community came together for a night of reminiscing, educating, and celebrating a our shared history.

For more information on the event, current, and upcoming event, please visit the Seattle City Breakers group on Facebook.