This generation

As i get to know more people around Seattle i start to realize how much people are alike. Just in the little group I’m always around all they talk about is music and raps. I feel like this generation is mostly set on rap career’s and becoming a rap star, than becoming a doctor or a fire fighter. I’m not saying that’s a wrong thing, you can become whatever you dream. I’m just noticing the more and more i find different friends and are around different people the more i realize how many teenagers are wanting to become rappers. I honestly enjoy listening to the music my friends make, i have some of their songs on my phone and computer, i am always willing to help support their dreams and help get their name out their so other people can enjoy some music to. So if you have a friend or friends that are getting into making their own beats, or raps, help them out. Share their songs on one of your pages, help them get known.

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